Cast Stone

Cast Stone

Where does it come from

ST Brick and Stone are proud to be associated with one of the UK’s oldest established businesses and a cast stone operation that is one of the most up to date in the country.  We only use full manufacturing members of the United Kingdom Cast Stone Association (UKCSA) and as such you can be assured that all the stone supplied through ST Brick and Stone is of the finest possible quality.
Some things that are important about the cast stone you will buy from us:
  • All stone supplied exceeds the minimum standards laid down by the UKCSA and is made in a purpose designed and built factory by people who take great pride in what they do.
  • Moulds are made by time served craftsmen in a studio right next to the factory ensuring that high-quality moulds are on hand exactly when they are needed.
  • Curing is finitely controlled to ensure that optimum performance is available as soon as the product is delivered. 
With almost 30 years of personal experience in the Cast Stone Industry to offer, we at STBS can offer you comprehensive technical advice.  This covers areas of practical installation, unit design, the best way to keep costs under control through effective mould utilisation, and product selection.
Whatever your project, be it large or small, please do get in touch and we will help all we can.

How Good is it?

All decorative semi-dry cast stone units supplied by ST Brick and Stone conform to the strict quality guidelines laid down by the UK Cast Stone Association (UKCSA).  
Here are just a couple of the salient points that set what we provide apart from some of the lower specification products that are on the market today:-
  • The UKCSA standard requires a minimum Compressive Strength of 35MPa @ 28 days old which is at least 40% higher in crushing strength than the minimum standard laid down in BS1217.
  • ·The UKCSA standard states that test cubes undergoing examination in a standard water absorption CAT Test shall not exceed 1.0mg/mm2 of moisture with no individual value exceeding 1.3mg/mm2 after 10 mins immersion.
There are many other criteria laid down by the UKCSA that ensure you are specifying and buying the best cast stone there is, and ST Brick and Stone will ensure that you get it at the best price, designed correctly and right for the job first time.

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