Brick Specials

Brick Specials

Prefabricated Brick Arches

When it comes to Brick Arches, ST Brick & Stone can supply  exactly what you need.  Whether the solution is standard, generic or custom, you will get great quality and terrific value for money.  We take pride in what we do to ensure that all the products we supply for you are right for the job. First time.  Whatever your project, please get in touch so that we can help you to get what you need.  We also look to help you if you are struggling to get what you want.  Loose cut, preformed or structural, we will always do everything we can to get you what you want.

Brick Slips

It is possible to use brick slips, or brick tiles, where the use of a full width brick may not possible or practical.  To all intents and purposes the finished appearance of a surface in brick slips is that of a full depth traditional brick wall, but often has an advantage of easy fixing and fitting.  The slips will be supplied loose and can include returns, pistols and other specials.  
You can also order your brick slips in brick cladding panels.  This work is carried out in a quality controlled environment by skilled craftsmen.  It is at this stage that we can create any special patters you may require.
If insulation is needed, why not use our Candiwall system as this will give you the best of both worlds, a fully insulated brick slip system that is great value for money.  Whichever method you choose, brick slips or tiles provide a fast, cost effective way to get the look, durability and texture of traditional brick detailing.

Special Shaped Bricks

Special shapes can be challenging to end users and specifiers alike, but with all the experience on offer here, you can rest assured that we will advise you on the best way to get the outcome you need for your project.
We can help with all manner of things including:-
Half Bats
Three Quarter Bats
Single Bull Nose – Stretcher or Header
Double Bull Nose – Stretcher or Header
Special Angles
Internal Returns
External Returns
Queen Closers
Square Stop Ends
Saddleback Copings and Cappings
Half Round Top Copings and Cappings
Angles and Cants.
Plinths and Corbels
Tapered Headers and Stretchers
Radial Headers and Stretchers
Slips (see separate product group)
Special Soldiers – Cants, Returns and Angles
Ogee mouldings – Stretchers and Headers
The list goes on to include special Victorian designs for stretchers headers copings and cappings virtually anything that can be created in a brick. 

Structural Segmental or Flat Arches

We can supply all your needs for structural brick faced segmental arches.  Using our in house technology we can calculate and supplt brick slip faced structural concrete arches to generic or purpose made design.  
Please get in touch if you think we can help.

Lightweight Arches

Designed to sit on structural steelwork and faced with real brick slips.  Can be supplied in generic or custom shapes.

Special shaped Bricks

Bricks cut and bonded to any shape.  Internal, external angles, half or quater bats.  Whatever you need, just call and we will do all we can to help


All manner of plinths cut to shape including internal and external angles along with terminal ends.

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